Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I visit a club before I decide about joining?

Yes, we welcome, and encourage, visitors to the group to “check us out.”  To arrange for a visit, call or text us at 214-972-8046, or email

If I visit, do I have to speak?

Guests are considered a part of the meeting along with the members, and are usually given the opportunity to participate in selected meeting activities. However, if a guest would prefer to only observe, that is fine, too. Parents may visit and observe.

We encourage guests to view the following videos, prior to attending (around 23 minutes):

What happens at a typical meeting?

We tend to spend most of our time debating. Members typically are given a topic to prepare, in advance, and we go right into the debate, to give time for feedback. Initial training is done through our handbook and videos, and then we fine tune the members’ technique with feedback.

Newer members are given simpler topics to prepare and the components (Constructive, Cross-Examination, Rebuttal, and Summary) of their initial debate are introduced one at a time.

I’ll be turning 18 this year. Can I still join?

You may stay in Ready Set Debate until you graduate high school, or turn 19, whichever is later.

What’s the average age of the kids in the club?

We get this question a lot, and we discourage viewing the clubs in an age-centric way. It’s more accurate to view them as skills-centric. Our headquarters clubs have always had kids ranging in age from about 8 to 18 and the kids are great together. Our readiness guidelines and professional format ensure a maturity level that evens the playing field between tweens and teens. The bulk of the membership has generally fallen in the 10-15 range.

How much does it cost to join?

There is a one-time, non-refundable, $50 registration/materials fee per child when you join a Ready Set Debate club through this website. Dues, if paid annually are $500. If you would prefer a month-to-month arrangement, you may opt to pay dues of $50 per month, year-round, until you withdraw from the club.

Current members are given substantial discounts on summer camps and tournaments.

Why are monthly dues collected during the summer when the club doesn’t meet?

All of our dues are essentially annual. So, for example, for certain clubs you can either pay $500 per year all at once, or $600 per year in $50/month increments. There are three reasons:

  • We found that parents like the flexibility of a paying a smaller month-to-month figure.
  • We found that stability in our membership and scheduling was enhanced by a year-round arrangement.
  • We are able to keep our dues lower because there is less paperwork, staffing, and marketing involved in managing membership.