Judge Tournament Information

Click here to download the current ballot.
Time to complete and submit your ballot is built into the one-hour round period. A printable ballot is included in this packet. It is acceptable to fill this out digitally. Please complete your Ballot and submit it by photo emailed to julia[at]readysetresources.com by the end of the round’s time allotment (preferably sooner).
ROUND FORMAT (each debate takes around 31 minutes)  
___  Judge conducts coin toss for side and speaking order
___  Team A: 4 minute Constructive
___  Team B: 4 minute Constructive
___  1-min of shared prep time in debate room (phone communication set up in advance)
___  Team A: 2 minute cx of B
___  Team B: 2 minute cx of A
___  2-min of shared prep time in debate room
___  Team A: 4 minute Rebuttal
___  Team B: 4 minute Rebuttal
___  2-min of shared prep time in debate room 
___  Team A: 3 minute Summary
___  Team B: 3 minute Summary


Where is a blank ballot?
PDF blank ballot has (or will be) mailed to you. Please print out as many as you need. If you wish to complete the form digitally, save the file under a new name each time, like “R2Josh”. Information on submitting your ballot is available at the top of this page.
What should judges wear?
Please wear business casual (or better) attire, and keep your camera on during the debates.
Do judges have to handle the coin toss?
Yes. The judge selects a random debater to pick heads or tails, and conducts a coin toss (preferably on their phone and showing the result on their phone to the debaters). If the debater wins the coin toss, their team can choose either side or speaking order. If the debater loses the coin toss, the other team can choose either side or speaking order. The losing team selects the remaining option.
Does the first team speaking get to define the round or determine Framework?
No. Each team can convince the judge that its definition and/or framework should be preferred.
Do judges have to time the debaters?
Judges should time the debate segments as backup only. Debaters are expected to time their debate.
Debaters have been advised to not speak for more than 5 seconds or so after the timer goes off. Judges should cut off debaters who exceed time by 10-15 seconds. You may allow debaters to wrap up a question or response during CX, after the timer goes off, at your discretieon.
Do judges have to track the amount of prep time a team uses?
You will time the prep time segment, but tracking of total amounts used by individual teams is not applicable in this format.
Can debaters use the internet during the round?
Yes, and debaters may use electronic devices in round.
Do judges need to provide feedback after the round?
You are not expected to provide an oral critique after the round. Only a (preferably detailed) Reason For Decision (RFD) on your ballot. Note that debaters have been instructed not to run counterplans. 
Is any other communication expected of the judge during the debate?
You are welcome to communicate with the debaters about the round format and to answer any questions they have prior to the round starting. Professional detachment is preferred.
What do I do if I have a question?
Text Price at 310-6six2-3255. If necessary, pause the debate and advise the debaters that you are contacting a tournament administrator to get a question resolved.