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There is also a one-time registration fee of $50. All of our dues are essentially annual. You have the option to pay annually for $550 (a savings of $50) or pay monthly (year round) for $50/month. There are additional fees if you wish to participate in tournaments. We are a club, not a class, so it is your responsibility to let us know when you want to withdraw, otherwise dues will continue to be paid automatically.

You may withdraw from the club at any time by advising Julia Morgan by email –, at which point future dues will be stopped. Dues and fees paid prior to email notification are non-refundable.



* Why are monthly dues collected during the summer when the club doesn’t meet? There are three reasons:

  • We found that parents like the flexibility of a paying a smaller month-to-month figure.
  • We found that stability in our membership and scheduling was enhanced by a year-round arrangement.
  • We are able to keep our dues lower because there is less paperwork, staffing, and marketing involved in managing membership.

All dues-paying members are given substantial discounts on summer camps and summer tournaments.


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