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"My Ready Set Debate club has changed the way I speak and how I think. With the information and experience that debate club has given, I have learned how to change the way people think so that lives can change for the better, and this will help me in the future with job opportunities and giving presentations."
Anuhya D.
Age 13

Now young people, anywhere, can join a debate club, camp, or workshop, make friends, and learn the skills to help them debate at the highest level! That’s because we’ve taken our great Debate League in-person clubs and “gone global” with online debate clubs under the Ready Set Debate banner.

Come grow with us!

SLAM Online Debate 2020
At the SLAM Online 2020 Tournament

Is online
as good?

Maybe better! The heart of debate is all there with our online clubs, as members get to know teammates from all over the country (and sometimes the world). Literally face-to-face with their coaches, teammates, opponents, and judges, members utilize the same skills they’d use in person – presentation skills, perceptual dominance, and, most importantly, persuasion!


hear from parents and members

What makes us unique

We have seriously cracked the code to rapid learning in debate. If your child has the interest, we have the coaches to leverage that desire into incredible results. View the video below from our August 8, 2020 Ready Set Debate Tournament Final featuring  debaters from 11 – 14 years old. These debaters had zero experience in debate 3 months before. (See other videos here.)

Ready Set Debate members debating the topic:
“U.S. public schools should not reopen
for in-person teaching until a vaccine for
SARS-CoV-2 is broadly available.”

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“These skills, loosely categorized as elements of emotional intelligence, include the capacity to persevere through setbacks (grit), the facility to bring existing knowledge to a novel situation (creativity), comfort in working with others and knowing when to lead and when to follow (collaboration), the capability to confront the seemingly infinite volumes of information on any topic and select the relevant data (research), and sensitivity to what a target audience is thinking so that such data can be presented persuasively (empathy). The debate curriculum teaches young people much of what they’ll need to know in these areas by active, engaging, and highly direct means.”

From “Making the Case for Teaching Students to Debate”

Click here to read the full article.

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Program director //

Julia Morgan

Julia is the founder of Ready Set Resources, LLC and creator of Speakers League and Ready Set Debate. She has been teaching speech since 2008 and debate since 2014. Julia specializes in simplifying the complex.


Head Coach // curriculum consultant

Price Morgan

Price T. Morgan is a twelve-year veteran of speech and debate programs. As a member of the Southern Methodist University IPDA debate team, he won several debate championships including a 2018-2019 national championship title. Price graduated Phi Beta Kappa with dual degrees in economics and public policy in 2019, and now debates in the Pro Division..

Online Debate Club by Ready Set Debate

Ready Set Debate began with the purpose of creating a platform for young debaters all around the country as well as the world to come together and share their passion for debating. It doesn’t just teach them how to debate but also allows them to join our online debate classes, camps, and competitions, make new friends and learn and develop crucial skills and techniques that will help them successfully debate at the highest levels in the future. It is designed to provide them with guidance and resources that will also help them hone their public speaking and leadership skills. More importantly, it offers them a fun, fulfilling and rewarding experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Our virtual debate summer camps are the perfect example.

If your child is already interested in debating, you can get in touch with us to learn more about how our debate skills training can benefit them. But if they are not, you can encourage them to join our debate league. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never been a part of one before because we can assure you that we will provide them with all the help and guidance they require at every step of the way. Our debate training videos will also aid them in the process.

Why Join Our Debate League?

In the vastly competitive academic world, where everyone is constantly striving for excellence, it is important that we prepare our children to deal with the real world, to compete and succeed against challenges that life throws their way. Today, children are drawn more towards entertainment and technology, choosing to spend their days with their phones and computers instead of indulging in real interactions. This is why they need to be encouraged to participate in educational activities like debates. And with Ready Set Debate’s speech and debate online class, it is now possible for you to leverage the power of technology for your child’s benefit. ...

We know that some people tend to have very skewed ideas about debates, most of which stem from loud and dramatic arguments we see on the news. But actual debates are much more logical and disciplined. The arguments are articulate and based on facts and evidence. And when done in the right manner, such debates can help your children learn skills that they will then be able to use at various stages throughout their lives. And that is what we strive to achieve with our online debate club for kids. 

Have you ever witnessed your child argue for their opinion about a certain topic? Maybe they have an innate ability to debate and so it is time to hone these abilities through our speech and debate training. Yes, it is true that some children naturally possess some of the skills that are required to be an adept debater, but it does not mean that the others cannot learn and take part in debates. With the right amount of training and instruction, they can also be encouraged to prepare and learn these basic skills. At Ready Set Debate, we always emphasize the fact that a good, substantial debate is much more than just a mere argument or discussion about a topic. It is not just about speaking out about what you think is right or wrong. With our online debate courses for kids, we help them build the ability to understand an idea or a statement from a different perspective, one that may be in stark contrast to what you believe in. What makes debating such an important skill-enhancing activity for children is that it stimulates critical thinking, acute listening skills, decision making, presence of mind and eloquent speaking on a certain subject. And we organize online debate competitions that test these skills and provide support for their improvement. Contact us to find out more about our online speech and debate tournaments.

What Makes A Good Debater?

Want your child to be a part of our online debate camps for middle school (or beyond) but don’t know if it is the right activity for them? You are not alone. This is a common question that we often get from parents: How do I know if my child is a budding debater? And the answer to this is more complicated than you might think. Sure, there are some signs that indicate that your elementary or middle schooler has what it takes to become a good, successful debater. For instance, when they are passionately arguing about something,

  • They are able to provide facts to support their arguments;
  • They are able to speak at the proper pace and tone, and have the appropriate body language;
  • They are able to express their thoughts in an engaging manner;
  • They listen to the opposing views and are able to give well-reasoned responses to those;
  • They exhibit an impressive hold on language and vocabulary.

But if you feel like your child does not possess all of these qualities, it is nothing to be worried about. They can still join a debate club and learn all of these skills. As mentioned earlier, Ready Set Debate offers comprehensive training and guidance that is aimed at helping children become proficient in these skills and techniques. We have some of the best debate camps for middle schoolers and even elementary schoolers that you will come across, which are run by experienced and skilled coaches. With a typical member to coach ratio of 6:1, each of our members receives individual attention and support. 

Benefits Of Debates

We would like to reiterate that taking part in debates, whether online or in-person, is undoubtedly a rewarding experience for children because the benefits of debates are manifold. Debating is proven to have a positive impact on all aspects of their personal, academic as well as professional life. 

  • Debates help children express their opinions and views in front of an audience, which, in turn, develops in them a sense of confidence and courage. It also builds their freedom of thought and improves their self-esteem.
  • One of the crucial aspects of debates is the detailed research involved in them. At Ready Set Debate, we focus on helping our members do proper research to determine the relevant material. It makes them more aware of the world around them and familiarizes them with important topics and ideas, which they can then explore outside the realm of their academic interests.
  • Debates also allow children to delve deeper into topics, and explore and analyze the information. In the process, they acquire a multilayered knowledge of the subject, whether it is current events, politics, society, or scientific advancements.
  • Members who take part in our debate competitions for middle school students will tell you that debates have taught them to think more clearly and logically. They learn how to put forth their arguments in a persuasive manner to prove their point.
  •  It is no secret that debates aid in the development of critical life skills. With our debate classes and online summer debate camps, our members are able to interact with coaches and members from all over the world, fostering new friendships, some of which may last a lifetime. It will also teach them to be sensitive to different opinions, viewpoints and ideas, which will make them more empathetic and tolerant as they grow up

Browse through our website to learn more about what we do and the training we provide for our members to become skillful debaters. If you have any questions we are always ready to answer them. 


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