Charter Schools

Membership in a Ready Set Debate club can be applied toward course requirements for your student’s charter school. 

If you don’t see your student’s school on the list below, contact the school to request that they add us as a vendor, and contact us to let us know about your request. If your student’s school requires sample curriculum materials or a course overview prior to approving us as a vendor, you can share the resources below with them.

Our vendor relationships

Ready Set Debate is an approved vendor for the following charter schools:

  • iLEAD Exploration Hybrid
  • Granite Mountain Charter School

Course overview

Ready Set Debate online debate clubs

$250/semester (Sept-Jan, Jan-May. 10 sessions/semester)


Recommended for ages 10-17, though capable younger students may also enroll on a provisional basis. Enrollment accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the class.

Ready Set Debate clubs model a high school or college debate team. Through practice debates, in-class exercises, home learning assignments, and personalized coach feedback, students develop the core skills of competitive debate, including examining propositions, researching, writing arguments, organizing speeches, conducting an effective cross-examination, weighing issues, identifying and combating logical fallacies, speaking persuasively, and judging. Older students serve as peer mentors for younger students.



Click here for a sample assignment breakdown.

Charter School FAQs

We will calculate a prorated tuition figure. Please contact us for more information.

We generally bill charter schools by semester, instead of by month, unless the student is joining mid-semester.

Our typical program semesters are September to January and February through June. However, it is easy for us to modify the length or calendar placement of a specific student’s semester based on their school’s needs; for example, if you want us to set up a January through May semester, that works fine. Please contact us for more information.