Online debate club registration

Use this page to register for online debate clubs hosted by Ready Set Debate. First, review the policies listed below, then submit your registration at the bottom of this page. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an orientation email; please allow up to 24 hours for processing. If you have any questions, please contact us

Club policies

Registration fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 per student when you join an online debate club hosted by Ready Set Debate. If you choose to drop and re-enroll later, be aware that this fee will apply when re-enrolling. All members receive a Ready Set Debate Member Handbook when they register, unless they have already been provided one in a previous activity.

Membership dues

Our debate clubs meet for two hours, twice per month, between September and May. Members pay dues regardless of whether they’ll be at a given meeting, and makeup options are typically available. Dues are billed year round and renew automatically until the student withdraws from the club. Current dues-paying members receive complimentary registration for our online debate tournaments in June and August, as well as significant discounts on summer camp registration. Current dues-paying members are also not subject to any dues rate increases, and are guaranteed a spot in their current club when meetings restart in the fall. Members who choose to drop over the summer do not receive these benefits, and must re-enroll in the fall. We currently offer the following monthly and annual dues plans:

Number of registrations Monthly dues Annual dues
$50 USD
$550 USD
$90 USD (save $10/month)
$990 USD (save $110/year)
$135 USD (save $15/month)
$1485 USD (save $165/year)
$180 USD (save $20/month)
$1980 USD (save $220/year)

We will provide a full refund for club membership dues, less any portion of the dues covering services already provided at the time of the refund request, if the refund request is received within 30 days after the payment was made. In cases when we administratively expel a student – a very rare event – a refund will be automatically provided for any portion of the payment made for services not yet provided, excluding any portion of a club meeting missed due to the coach and/or administrator’s decision to eject the student during the meeting.

You may withdraw at any time by contacting us and requesting to withdraw. Any payments scheduled after your request is received will be halted (or reversed if they are debited after the request is received but before we have the opportunity to halt payments). You may request a refund for payments made prior to us receiving your request, if those payments fall under the refund policy outlined earlier in this section. For students paying with charter school funds, if we receive your withdrawal request fewer than 10 days before the next meeting, charter schools will be billed through the next meeting.

Partial scholarships may be available when a financial hardship exists. Click here for more information. 

Club registration

Our registration form supports registering one or more students for a single debate club, using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. If you want to register your student(s) as members of multiple debate clubs, and/or if you want to register using a different payment method, such as Zelle or a charter school PO, please contact us